15 December

Big Trees Grow From Small Seeds

Written by Brian Martin

As you know from earlier blog posts, I was recently invited, as the Chairman of the Japan New Zealand Business Council, to attend APEC as a delegate in Yokohama, Japan. 

APEC is the biggest business forum in the Asia Pacific region, a region which produces more than 50% of global GDP and has more than 50% of the world’s total population. 

I also attended a one-day session on small and medium enterprises (SMEs).  This is an area that is particularly close to my heart, as I see tremendous opportunities for creating trade through small and medium enterprises. My executive and I are looking at possible ways of connecting, through our sister city relationships, with small and medium enterprises in Japan and are looking to do trade with other countries.

This is why I was particularly attracted to the slogan, ‘Big Trees Grow from Small Seeds’.  What I also realised from attending this one day session, was not only that people want to have a better quality of life and challenge themselves by starting a business, but that they are actually adding value not just to themselves, but to their country and possibly to the world.  I intend to write a couple of blogs about this, telling how you can add value to both your own life and to your country.

Growing a business is just like growing a seed: first you need to plant it, and then you need to nourish it so that it flourishes and grows.  It’s like a saying you’ve probably heard many times before, ‘thought, word, deed’ or ‘ideas, action, success’.  You need to have the idea that you want to improve your quality of life.

The idea is the seed, then you need to take some ACTION. You need to first prepare the soil, then plant the seed, then nourish it by watering and fertilizing it, and then it will grow into something that is physical and tangible - in other words, your success. 

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"Was wäre, sowie Sie selbst herausfinden, als Ihre Zukunft umziehen würde? Sie finden alles von Ihrer zukünftigen Arbeitsplätze zu erlernen, lieben das Leben, Freundschaften, Glück und ebenfalls schlechte. Einige Leute finden diese überwältigende und möchte überhaupt nicht jeden Teil eine gute Zukunft nach kennen, wenn einige Leute das spannend finden und springen uff ( berlinerisch ) eine gute Gelegenheit nach erlernen, Welches sieben wird. Vorhersage über eine gute Zukunft dieser Bevölkerung wird als Wahrsagerin psychischen Lesungen."

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